Making sustainable products from algae…profitably   

Founder system models projected financial losses for conventional approaches of algae for biofuels. Invoking a “financials-first” strategy to technology direction led to novel developments capable of 100x reductions in capital and operating expenses.

The broad range of skills required to address the challenges of the new algae industry are addressed by Photon8's team. Biology, phycology, genetics, technology development, electrical, mechanical, and civil engineering, intellectual property development and management, business, marketing, sales, and production management are a few of the skills. The company enjoys extended staff through its relationship with TAMU-CC.

Location & Partnering: 

Photon8 Solution: 

The longstanding partnership with Dr. Paul Zimba at TAMU-CC  and the Shell GameChanger Project brought the company to its current facilities at TAMU-CC. Culturing facilities, Lab PFRs, and extensive analytical equipment have been key elements in the company's progress. Outdoor PFRs also on the grounds are producing in advance of the upcoming market entry in Omega3s. A partnership with LSU provides exclusive technology in downstream processing, adding to the unique and chemical-free nature of Photon8's products.

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