Making sustainable products from algae…profitably   

Financial outlook:

  • Large, Unserved Market
  • Profitable Solutions
  • High-Achieving Team
  • Rewarding: Financially,
    Scientifically Intriguing

  • Financially Right-Sized

3. Over Capitalization:

False sense of security, waste, "endpoint rationalizes all spending," heavy on management-big corporate behavior (without the revenue!).

1. Under Capitalized:

Resources insufficient to achieve goals.
De-focused by continual financial issues/ limitations/

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2. Optimal Capital:

Resource-matched for the challenge. Financially-constrained decisions.

The path to profitability isn't often paved with large, upfront investment. Following more traditional investment protocol, Photon8 is proving its value at each point of investment. For example, we developed our growth system on our own nickel, leading to our pre-seed investment. We're now proving the scalability of our system, and the value of our partnerships.