Making sustainable products from algae…profitably   

Photon8 Solution: 
Genetically enhance an alga to produce lipids preferentially

Photon8 Solution: 

At < $10/m2, Photon8’s Parallel Film Reactor (PFRsm), (patent pending) with ‘Traveling Wave Technology’ (patent pending) offers closed-system performance at lesser cost than an open system, and makes full use of injected CO2.

Dilemma #1: 

Lipid content comes at the expense of growth.

Dilemma #2: 

Closed systems offer superior control and efficiency, at a high cost. Open systems offer lower cost, yet suffer lower production efficiency, evaporation, CO2 loss, control issues, environmental exposure.

Profitable Solutions:

  • High Lipid Rate Alga
  • PFR (patent pending)
    Closed Growth System w/ “Traveling
    Wave Technology (patent pending)

  • Aqueous Extraction

Photon8 Solution: 

Remove lipids from biomass with Aqueous Extraction.

Dilemma #3: 

Conventional extraction costs are high and invoke harsh chemicals