Photon8 Engages Omega 3 Marketing Partner:

Today, there is a solution from algae that will eliminate the conflict of food vs fuel that was created by ethanol. This becomes the basis for green chemicals, and introduces a healthier line of nutraceutical products. This process solution is eco-friendly: consumes C02 (greenhouse gas), utilizes non-arable land and requires minimal fresh water.

Photon8: Delivering on the promise of algae:

creating Food (and nutraceuticals) and Fuel

During its drive to render fuel at a cost less than fossil fuels, Photon8's team developed a genetically-improved alga that produces a high fraction of Omega 3s. The remaining lipids are converted to fuel and/or green chemicals. After Aqueous Extraction (Photon8's chemical-free process to isolate the lipids) cell remnants, which are high in protein and carbohydrates have been proven to be above the rest in animal feed studies.

Photon8: First to profitability in fuels, now first to healthier food and nutraceutical products.

Photon8 Secures Funding

for VGMax product production and marketing, July 2015

Photon8, Inc. presenting at New England Venture Summit

December 9, 2015, Boston, MA

Photon8 develops plans

with strategic partner for multiple demonstration plants, August 2015

Photon8: In the news

Photon8-Green Supplements, Fuel and Feed from Algae

Real working

Photon8, Inc. presenting at Dallas Angel Roundtable

 Dec. 10, 2015
Making sustainable products from algae…profitably   

Farm of the future

Photon8, Inc presenting at Phoenix Venture Conference

Nov. 12, 2015